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The Art of Discerning What Movies We Should Watch

Don Johnson and Timmerie Millington discuss the current controversies surrounding the blockbuster movies Beauty and the Beast and The Shack. Also, why are we so judgmental when it comes to food? And Don has some good news regarding his latest documentary project.

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Hearts and Minds

Don Johnson and Timmerie Millington cover topics ranging from sex slavery to Beauty and the Beast on the Hearts and Minds radio show.

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Can God Make 2+2=5?

Don sits in for Patrick Madrid: Hour 1 1-11-17 Hour 1 California dams bursting with record rainfall – but the government still cries “drought”. Do things cease to exist until God names them? Caller: I think that the 2+2=5 idea is simply an attempt to make God bigger.... read more

Interview with Novelist Michael D. O’Brien

Don talks with best-selling author Michael O’Brien about several of books, including his latest The Fool of New York City. Also, Don discusses The Metanoia Project and offers a few thoughts on how the Hatmaker fiasco shows the futility of sola-scriptura.

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Peter Kreeft on How to be Holy

Don talks with Dr. Peter Kreeft about his two latest books: How to be Holy: First Steps in Becoming a Saint and I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine’s Confessions Unpacked.

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Olympic Lessons

The Don Johnson Show, 8-19-16 Don reflects on some of the more outspoken Christian voices at the Olympics and discusses some spiritual lessons we can learn from athletic... read more

Evangelical Exodus

Don talks to Douglas Beaumont about his new book Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome. They also discuss the Convinced screening in Modesto on Saturday, August 27, which they will both be attending.

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Gun Deaths and Race Relations

Don and Brandon discuss how we relate to people of other races, and whether we should be doing more to try to understand other people’s experience. They also chat about Five Thirty Eight’s breakdown of gun deaths in America.

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Reasons to Have Kids Before You Are 30

Don talks about various issues related to the age at which we should try to have kids and then moves to more family related issues, including what priorities we should have for our children.

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Love, Logic, and Lex Luthor

Don and Brandon discuss the woman who had an abortion because “she loved her son,” the problem of evil as presented by Lex Luthor, and California’s willingness to pay for your death.

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