Race, Justice, and Christians with their Heads in the Sand

by Don Johnson | Relevant Radio

Starbucks is closing stores on May 29 for racial bias training. You can hear my recent radio discussion of this topic here; let’s just say there was no shortage of opinion. My favorite bit of feedback came after the show, however, in the form of the following email:

I have been listening to the conversation on the Starbucks incident and I want to say thank you! I’m white and I adopted a black son, and it can be very frustrating and disheartening to hear Christian callers who hold thinly veiled racist views who always seem to discount black people’s experiences of racism. (Especially while they are also likely pro-lie and pro-adoption, but they fail to recognize that many adoptions are transracial, and the damage to young black adopted Christians hearing the types of comments I heard from callers today would be incredible and traumatic). Having you not only defend the Christian faith but also upholding the lived experiences of Black people in this country is much needed. I’ve never written into a show, and I wish to remain anonymous, but this conversation has spurred me to write because I have never heard Christian radio so completely and honestly uphold the lived experiences of Black people, instead of just saying that God created us all equal, without addressing the real problems that face minorities, and in particular, black men in this country. Your opinions upheld true Christian principles related to racism and America. Opinions that it seems a lot of callers did not agree with – but that hopefully some people learned from. This is so refreshing, so thank you so very much! I would love to hear more honest racial discussions on radio! I worry every day about my son’s safety being Black in America today, and exposing my son to Christians who don’t “get it” can make remaining a Christian difficult, so you have no idea how much of a relief I felt listening to another Christian strongly and kindly professing what I believe is true justice for Black people in America. Thank you.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries