I had the great pleasure of hosting a bunch of radio shows last week with Cy Kellet and Kaylyn Green. It was a ton of fun! If you are wondering about the post title, at one point during the week we discussed potential names for the show and Kaylyn and the Knuckleheads was the consensus choice. Check out the audio below and I think you will understand why 🙂

The Patrick Madrid Show

June 8

Hour 1 – MP3

  • Do we need to have a better culture war?
  • Caller: we need to be doing more philosophy and theology.
  • Should we be true to ourselves?

Hour 2 – MP3

  • Audio clip of Natasha Leggero on the Conan O’brien show making jokes about Catholic nuns and priests.
  • Audio clip of Natasha Leggero saying that Judaism views “abortion is cool”.
  • Why does it seem Catholics don’t evangelize?
  • Why do death row inmates have positive last statements?

June 9

Hour 1 – MP3

  • There is a trend of women focusing on their careers and putting off marriage and family.
  • Are traditional gender roles in the family working – or outdated?
  • Caller says it depends, everyone is on their own “journey”.
  • Caller says being one of 13 kids was difficult in many ways, but God takes care of it all.

Hour 2 – MP3

  • We are called to be self-giving; having children is selfless and a gift.
  • Meaningless politics and liberal democracies.

June 10

Hour 1 – MP3

  • Earthquake last night had magnitude of 5.2.
  • Mel Gibson is coming out with a sequel to “The Passion” called “The Resurrection”.
  • Drones will soon be used as taxis for people.
  • Monkey in Kenya shuts the whole grid down for the 1/3rd of the country that has electricity.

Hour 2 – MP3

  • Harry Potter novels: Are they appropriate for kids?
  • “Chewbacca mom” writes her own Christian songs on the “banjitar” – and sings them too.
  • When university students were asked the question if they would push a man or woman in front of a train to save 5 people on the track, both men and women chose to push a man.
  • Caller says the witchcraft in Harry Potter is real, and there are many better options for kids to read.

June 13

Hour 1 – MP3

  • Cy, Don, and Kaylyn recap the night club shooting in Florida.
  • Praying for this horrific event in Florida is probably the best thing that we can do as Christians. Extreme religious beliefs and how context matters
  • Caller: Religion is responsible for this act and all acts of violence. Your text doesn’t say not to kill homosexuals.
  • God’s way of looking at the shooting incident in Florida. Cy asks the question, where was Jesus amidst this shooting?

The Bright Side with Cy Kellet

June 8 – MP3

  • New movie casts euthanasia in a glowing light; what is wrong with us today?
  • Caller: My daughter was horrified by this movie. Caller: I was depressed once; I’m glad that I didn’t see a movie like this.
  • Caller: I’m bipolar; thankfully I’ve reached out for help. My Catholic faith is essential.
  • Sweden struggles with assimilation of refugees. What are “Swedish values”? Hopeless secularity. Are secularists ready to discuss faith? Are Muslims ready to discuss Reason?

June 9 – MP3

  • Do Catholics and Protestants have a different appreciation of the Holy Land? Don Johnson discusses his experience as a tour guide and convert.
  • “Custodianship” of holy sites: Where are the Baptists, the Presbyterians, etc.? The relative a-historical nature of Protestantism.
  • The “Coexist” movement: Cy traces the origin of the Coexist logo.
  • Cy proposes a constitutional amendment. Does Democracy work?

June 10 – MP3

  • “Seamless garment” theory: What is good, and what is bad about this narrative? Archbishop Gomez weighs in.
  • Archbishop Gomez, continued: How to live out the Gospel in light of the current threats to human dignity (euthanasia, abortion, etc.). Are we overblowing the Pope Francis controversies?
  • Restructuring of our society: No suffering, no uselessness allowed. The destruction of medicine as we know it.
  • Caller: Palliative care doesn’t exist for some people, Cy; people reach their limit sometimes.

June 13 – MP3

  • Cy discusses where Jesus might have been during the shooting at the nightclub in Florida.
  • Anti-LGBT bills.
  • Guest: Mary Graham gives an update on the gay club shooting in Orlando, Florida.
  • The right Christian response to this event in Florida is to love on these homosexuals, instead of being hateful.
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