I was scrolling though Instagram recently when I came across a post from a Christian woman with 165,000 followers explaining how excited she and her husband were to have a “transgender” child. She detailed why they had changed their daughter’s name to Max and now referred the girl using the pronouns “they” and “them.” She also expressed joy that the child was able to live out her “God-given” identity and gave an extensive justification for her decision based on supposed “transgender” animals found in nature.

But what really caught my eye was what followed: a defense of transgenderism based on Genesis 1:26: “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness.”

According to the author, the meaning of this biblical text is as follows. First, if “all things come from one Divine Being, then that being must encompass every sexuality.” Therefore, God is not male or female; the Trinity is nonbinary. Second, “God made absolutely every human being in ‘their’ image,” and since God encompasses all sexualities and uses “their” as a pronoun, humans can be nonbinary and use “their” as a personal pronoun as well. The author concludes, “If you see it differently, well . . . take your ‘concerns’ to God.” Either you “believe in the Genesis creation story” or you don’t.

It’s hard to overstate the depth of error here, or how dangerous and insidious this post is. There are two grave problems here, and they’re interconnected. …

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries