With illegal gay marriages popping up everywhere, the homosexual lobby’s new strategy of civil disobedience is making great strides, I believe, in their effort to portray their cause as a civil rights issue. After all, what are the authorities going to do to stop it, turn fire hoses on lovers waiting in line? I suspect it is only a matter of time before gay marriage is legalized.

However, we all need to realize that fighting for homosexual marriage is not even close to the same as fighting for the right to have non-whites sit at the front of the bus. Martin Luther King Jr would be appalled. He based his argument for equality on the fact that The God of the Bible didn’t want black people to be treated worse than white people. Without the Bible and the moral authority it provided him, King would never have taken to the stage.

Now the homosexual lobby is co-opting King’s labels (calling it the “gay-rights movement”) and the methods of the later civil rights movement (civil disobedience), but they are missing something very important – the moral basis for the movement. The same Bible that is so against slavery and oppression of blacks is unequivocal in explaining that humans were created to be partnered as man and woman and any devience from this purpose is abhorent to the one true God, creator of the universe.

The bottom line argument against slavery and oppression of blacks was that it was wrong in the eyes of God. The bottom line argument against homosexual marriage is that homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God. How ironic.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries