On today’s radio show we discussed the demise of atheism around the world as well as the real issues in the Ten Commandments case in front of the Supreme Court this week. Links to most stories we referenced can be found in the preceding posts, although we closed with this funny bit I had not previously blogged from The Weekly Standard:

THE SUPREME COURT OUGHT TO uphold the several displays of the Ten
Commandments on government property whose constitutionality it
considered last week. But how might it do that?

If the Court had a sense of humor, perhaps it would sustain the
displays (the cases are from Texas and Kentucky) by observing that the
Decalogue is foreign law, and that foreign law is always good law,
often even better than our own. Think of the opinion that could be
crafted, perhaps by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who last week cited
developments in foreign law in declaring that the Constitution condemns
capital punishment for crimes committed by persons under 18. Kennedy
could observe that the Decalogue was received on Mt. Sinai by one
Moses, an Israelite from Egypt, and that it was originally written in
Hebrew, and that it has been translated the world over, and that . . .

You can listen to the recorded show here.

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