Does simply believing a certain action is a sin constitute advocating violence against people who practice that sin? Hardly. If it did we would have a lot less gossips and busybodies in the world. However, that didn’t stop the LA Times today from blaming violence against gays in Jamaica on those crazy fundamentalist Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin.

The stigma attached to homosexuality and those living with HIV/AIDS
prevails across much of the Caribbean, where Victorian-era anti-sodomy
laws remain on the books in at least 11 countries, and politicians
courting fundamentalist Christian constituencies are loath to contest
them. But gay activists and human rights groups point to Jamaica as the
most intolerant of the lot.

Some analysts, including Richard
Stern, director of the Costa Rica-based Agua Buena Human Rights Assn.,
see the hostility as stemming from a religious conviction that
homosexuality is a sin.

Give me a break. Not only is holding to this conviction no an encouragement to violence, Christianity clearly views this type of violence as a great sin in and of itself. This type of reason-free, evidence-free "reporting" is just propaganda intended to emotionally undermine a orthodox Christian worldview and sound Christian theology. If the LA Times wants us to believe these things are false, let them take them on head on with some sound reason and good evidence, not with this junk.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries