Of of President Reagan’s most loved characteristics was his optimism. The man could always see something good in a situation. Accoridng to this Wahington Times article, this optimism was rooted in his belief in the providence and goodness of God. Mr. Reagan was sure that God was in control and that he had a plan.

Paul Kengor, author of “God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life,” said Mr. Reagan’s “Christian commitment” was the least-appreciated aspect about a man so many struggled to understand. “The man even looked at Alzheimer’s optimistically,” Mr. Kengor said. “Reagan believed that Alzheimer’s is what God had chosen for him. It was God’s plan for how Reagan would die and he believed that we have no reason to question God. “Reagan truly believed that even something that negative could be part of God’s plan,” he said. “We don’t quite appreciate how eternal his optimism was.” … “How we die is God’s business,” Mr. Reagan told his daughter Patti, believing that it is man’s duty to accept it.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries