Alister McGrath has some excellent insight into why atheism is on the way off the world stage. He also offers a good explanation as to why it ever came about in the first place: not because people are rationally convinced that God doesn’t exist, but because they don’t want God to exist. They don’t like God.

In the end, debates about whether God’s existence can be proved remain
marginal. The central issue is moral and imaginative. The most
fundamental criticisms directed against Christianity have to do with
the moral character of its God.

In all my discussion with atheists and other non-Christians, I have found this to be almost a rule. People don’t reject Christianity and the God of the Bible because it is provably untrue or because they can show irrefutably that He does not exist but because they have some qualm with His character.

As I always tell them, this is a ridiculous way to approach matters of eternal significance. If you don’t like God, fine, but if He in fact exists you better come to grips with Him. Your tastes are no arbiter of reality and rejecting Him based on your notion of righteousness will offer you no solace when spending eternity apart from His presence.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries