One of the struggles facing constitution writers in Iraq has been trying to decide what role Islam will play in lawmaking. Americans are concerned, for instance, that women be given equal rights, and that violent “extremists” not be given too much power. From all the discussion, one might think that the problem with Islam is that certain aspects of make it tough for freedom and democracy to thrive. That is not the problem. As perpelexing as those issues are, the real trouble with Islam is that it is false. If it is not false, by all means, make it the law of the every land on the planet. (Who in their right mind would want to displease God and go to Hell?) However, if it is false – if the Allah of Islam does not exist and Mohammed was not his prophet – then it’s time to get past all the false pretenses and tell it like it is. We don’t want to follow Islamic law because, since the God who supposedly handed down that law is imaginary, then it is an incredible waste of time and energy to do so.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries