Read this article (you have to watch a short ad to see the article, but do it anyway) and tell me the word "murderer" doesn’t come to your mind. It is a disgusting, appalling, unbelievably callous account of one woman’s experience with abortion. Here is a sample:

I had a second
trimester abortion. I was pregnant with a much-wanted child who was
diagnosed with a genetic abnormality. I made a choice to terminate the
pregnancy. It was my third pregnancy, and I was very obviously showing.
More important, I could feel the baby move. We had seen him on the
ultrasound; I have a very clear memory of his two tiny feet, perfect
pearl toes, footprint arches, round heels. This was, for me, a baby,
not a "clump of cells" as an older woman, steeped in the arcane
language of the early feminist movement, called him. He was my baby,
and I chose to end his life.

Let me be very
clear here. I support absolutely the right to abortion. I give
financial support to Planned Parenthood, to NARAL. I am fanatical on
this issue. I believe that every woman is entitled to choose when and
if to end a pregnancy. I also believe that to end a pregnancy like mine
is to kill a fetus. Kill. I use that word very consciously and

I have no regrets.

I suppose I should be glad that at least she has the issue straight and is honest about what abortion is – the murder of a child for selfish reasons – but somehow that gives me little comfort.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries