Interesting story coming out of Orange County, where three Westminster school board members don’t want to allow students to be able to “define” their own gender. Here is a perfect example of worldviews in conflict. On one hand, the three Christians understand ultimate reality as something created to declare the nature and glory of God and to which humans are to conform their lives. On the other hand, the anti-heterosexual lobby sees ultimate reality as something vague, meaningless and malleable, which humans are to sieze and control and decide what to do with. That is the whole selling point of the choice movement. Whether choosing a school or a career or child or a meaning in life or a gender, you get to do and be whatever you want. You get to be god. The problem with the whole choice movement is that you are not. You are not the ruler of universe. Reality is not something we conform to our wishes – it is something to which we must conform. You can do that now or later. Now is better.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries