Porn star Jenna Jameson has just released a book in which (according to reports) she defends her profession a noble enterprise. Interestingly, many mainstream critics have panned the book, saying she shouldn’t be so proud of herself. Chuck Colson righlty points out that most of these critics have no basis for their stand. They have been rejecting the Christian worldview in supporting unfettered sexual mores for years. Now they don’t like it?

If the TIMES and other critics are squeamish about all this, it’s because they
have been trying to have it both ways. They want the freedom promised by the sexual revolution, but then they don’t want to deal with the consequences that inevitably flow from it. They resent Jameson for reminding them that their worldview doesn’t work.
Only a worldview, you see, that regards sex as something more than a recreational, biological function can enable people to regard themselves and others as something more than means to animal gratification. This is yet another example that any other worldview than the biblical one in the end proves
irrational and unlivable. And in this case, even the NEW YORK TIMES knows that.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries