Kabbalah, is the hot Hollywood religion right now and devotee Madonna recently made a pilgrimage to Israel as part of her latest form of spirituality. She and some fellow believers in this new age Jewish mysticism made quite a splash. As U.S. News reports,

The Kabbalah Centre–which also counts Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Roseanne Barr as followers–took over Tel Aviv’s showcase hotel, the beachfront David Intercontinental, renting out all 600 rooms for the two-week holiday season. “We’re making a bigger deal over them than we did when [President] Clinton stayed here,” muttered a desk clerk. On the eve of Madonna’s arrival, the hotel lobby looked like a Disney Store gone mystical, with Kabbalah Centre merchandise including crystals, caps, T-shirts, dolls, jewelry, books, and soap on sale. There was a lot of hugging going on as the jet-lagged guests arrived. “I came here for the energy and connection to the light which is the core of God,” said a 51-year-old financial consultant, noting that she’d tried Islam, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism before finding “what I’ve been looking for all my life” at the center’s Manhattan branch in July.

She and Madonna may have found what they have been looking for, but the question remains: “Were they looking for truth?” I don’t think so. Something to make themselves feel better about themselves maybe, but certainly not a coherent worldview that offers the most reasonable, supportable answers to life’s biggest questions. If they had been looking for that with an open mind, they would have settled on Biblical Christianity.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries