One of the clearest evidences for the truth of a Christian worldview is that it simply works the best. Christianity says men and women were created to come together and raise a family as one. If you don’t do that, things don’t operate as they should. Not to take away from all the mothers who are trying to raise kids alone through no choice of their own, but facts are facts. In the midst of an excellent column by Mark Alexander are these sobering stats:

According to the CDC,
DoJ, DHHS and the Bureau of the Census, 63% of teen suicides, 70% of juveniles
in state-operated institutions, 71% of high-school dropouts, 75% of children in
chemical-abuse centers, 80% of rapists, 85% of youths in prison, 85% of
children who exhibit behavioral disorders, and 90% of homeless and runaway
children are children from fatherless homes. In fact, children born to unwed
mothers are ten times more likely to live in poverty as children with fathers
in the home.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries