lacountysealIt has become fashoinable since 9/11 to label certain Christian groups “America’s Taliban.” However, that label rightly belongs to the ACLU. It has been on a rampage recently, trying to erase every symbol of Christianity from public owned property in the country. Just in the past month in Southern California, they have won decisions to remove a cross from a desert hilltop and crosses from the seals of Los Angeles County and the city of Redlands. The most telling of these suits is the LA County case. The LA county seal contains several images, the largest of which (by far) is the Roman goddess Pomona. The smallest object in the seal is the cross. If the ACLU was really interested in absolute separation of government and religion, as they claim, the goddess should be the first to go. However, that is not at all what they want. The ACLU is interested in forcfully expunging Christianity, with all it’s exclusive claims to truth and salvation, from the public square. How ironic that a organization supposedly dedicated to defending free speech would resort to banning public expression. Of course, that is how it always goes. If you will not have freedom based on rights given by the one true, eternal, unchanging Creator, you will have “freedom” based on the arbitrary likes and dislikes of the powerful few. In other words, you will have tyranny. As Dennis Prager points out in this very interesting piece, the tactics of the ACLU are very similar to the ones used by the Taliban in Afghanistan and the communists in Russia before them.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries