Cal Thomas makes many good points this column on the state of many American churches, including this astute observation about the recent move by the Episcopal church to allow gay clergy and weddings:

Denominational leaders explained they are attempting to stem the exodus
from their church by embracing a new doctrine they call "inclusivity,"
which they hope will attract young people.

Apparently church leaders think that if they can reach people
before they have fully matured in their faith, they can sidetrack them
into beliefs that have nothing to do with the God that Episcopalians
once claimed to worship and that they can be shaped into practical
secularists who are willing to seek the approval of men, rather than

The ironic thing, of course, is that churches that embrace "inclusivity" don't attract many members and the exodus from their church will only escalate. In abandoning their reason for existence, the Episcopal church has also abandoned all the good reasons people once had for joining them.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries