Chuck Colson has some interesting thoughts about the removal of the "evolution is a theory" stickers in Georgia (see below for original post on this story):

This is just the latest example of a plague of
intellectual blindness among our secular elites.

In Georgia’s Cobb County, school officials added the stickers two years ago onto
the textbooks which presented evolution as an established fact, ignoring
competing ideas about life’s origins. Now, this is not just
another burst of Christian-bashing. What this ruling really represents
is a blindness to reality—a mindset rampant within our

According to this mindset, any challenge to
Darwinism is by definition religious. Now, imagine applying this
logic to any other area. Suppose your state passed a law against murder,
and the ACLU went to court, claiming it was an endorsement of religion.
After all, the Ten Commandments prohibit murder! Or imagine someone
suing a town over its zoning laws. The Bible tells us to put a fence on
our roof so that no one will fall off. Are building codes, therefore,
religious? If the courts approached conflicts over other laws the way
they do over biology, we’d soon have no laws left at
all—except maybe pooper-scooper laws, because I don’t think
the Bible says anything about that.

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