Eugene Peterson gives a great interview in the latest Christianity Today. The whole article is good, but I found this section particularly applicable to some of our recent discussion:

Q: This corruption of the word spirituality even in Christian circles—does it have something to do with the New Age movement?

A: The New Age stuff is old age. It’s been around for a long time. It’s a cheap shortcut to—I guess we have to use the word—spirituality.
It avoids the ordinary, the everyday, the physical, the material. It’s
a form of Gnosticism, and it has a terrific appeal because it’s a
spirituality that doesn’t have anything to do with doing the dishes or
changing diapers or going to work. There’s not much integration with
work, people, sin, trouble, inconvenience.

I’ve been a pastor most of my life, for some 45
years. I love doing this. But to tell you the truth, the people who
give me the most distress are those who come asking, "Pastor, how can I
be spiritual?" Forget about being spiritual. How about loving your
husband? Now that’s a good place to start. But that’s not what they’re
interested in. How about learning to love your kids, accept them the
way they are?

My name shouldn’t even be connected with spirituality.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries