Here is a brilliant article by Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. His thesis is that “Western civilization is on the verge of spiritual bankruptcy as it moves steadily towards cultural suicide.”

Some of my favorite parts include:

…a venomous and brazen anti-Christian attitude is now wielded in the
West. We must ask ourselves an awful lot of questions to understand how
this came to be. How did it come about that while so-called Muslim
scholars do not hesitate to admit that Islam and democracy are not
compatible, a Muslim can still have democratic rights to call his
festivals by their names while Christians cannot? How is it that while
Muslim radicals attacked the United States—and still set their sights
on its destruction and on killing those within their own moderate ranks
who would challenge them—the Koran is required reading at some academic
institutions in the West, though in those same institutions the Bible
is mocked in their classrooms?

How is it that a Muslim in Canada can get away with demanding that the
Shari’a law be introduced into the Canadian legal code but would scream
outrage if a westerner in a Muslim country were to ask to be tried by
his own legal system? Why is it that the Hindu American Foundation is
filing amicus briefs in two cases before the Supreme Court siding with
the removal of the Ten Commandments from public display—one engraved on
a war memorial from years before—when they would be incensed if a
Christian in India asked that all Hindu relics and art from Indian
courtrooms be removed because the country, by its own pronouncement, is
“secular”? I know it doesn’t sound politically correct to ask such
questions but wouldn’t they ask the same questions if they were in this
position of being singled out for banishment?


A foreign friend once asked me what the American Civil Liberties Union
stood for. I sarcastically said, “None of the above.” But the more I
pondered that response the more I realized how true it is. It is
certainly not American because it denies both the worldview that framed
America’s founding documents and denies a vast majority of Americans
the right to enjoy their festivals the way they always have been
enjoyed. It is not civil because it redefines civility by making us
think that tolerance only works one-way. It certainly does not
understand liberty because liberty is not the bequest of naturalism.
Naturalism begets a nature “red in tooth and claw” and makes
determinism inevitable. That is not liberty. Liberty is the gift of the
One who made us with intrinsic worth and taught us to respect life and
property. And as for “union”, they spend millions of dollars to spread
disunity. So much for their name and mission!

Sometime following Christmas, writer Tom Wolfe was being interviewed on his most recent book, I Am Charlotte Simmons.
The storyline is woven against the backdrop of the hedonism that now
runs through the veins of the American academy. The interviewer asked
him how he thought such thinking became legitimized in our culture.
Wolfe was unhesitating in his answer: It was when Nietzsche pronounced
“the death of God” in the late nineteenth century. I have asserted that
sequence for years. One can argue with the exact dating of the
transition but who can argue against the logic of that assertion?
Dostoevsky had said that if God is dead anything is permissible.

There is much more, so check it out. Thanks to David Limbaugh for the link.

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