Thomas Bray with some good insight:

…the new pope is clearly on to something when he
worries that the pendulum in the West — and not just in Western Europe
— may have swung too far in the direction of moral relativism and its
offshoots. On university campuses, dissenters from the multicultural
agenda can find themselves marginalized or even banished. In the press,
religious faith is often treated as little more than a prejudice. No
reference to God or even a Creator appears in the proposed European
Union constitution.

When you drive out the priest, though, what you get is the witch
doctor. Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI had close encounters with
the great witch doctors of the 20th century, Joseph Stalin and Adolf
Hitler. Ultimately both were overcome, but at horrendous cost. Would a
Europe — or a United States — bereft of faith find the moral courage
today to make similar sacrifices?

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries