Some more thoughts today on what motivates the "pull-the-tube" people.

Mark Early of Prison Fellowship scratches the surface when he suggests fear of suffering, but the most accurate and thoughtful diagnosis so far comes from Timothy Birdnow in the American Thinker, who agrees with my assessment in the previous post that this is a battle against Christianity.

The liberals
have fought a three hundred year war against Christ, and if man and
reason are to make suitable replacement gods, they must have certain
divine powers.  But what powers can a substitute god have?  God is the
Author of life, but man can be the author of death.

This obsession
with death can be seen throughout history. Consider the butchery during
the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Nazi
atrocities.  Consider the careless disregard for life by all the former
communist regimes.  In Leftist societies, life is cheap. Abortion is a
holy sacrament to the liberal. To the deathheads, human will is the
final master, and death serves as an instrument of that will.

By controlling
the time, place, and manner of death, the deathheads have a semblance
of the powers of the divine.  Possibly, that is why the death of Terri
Schiavo is so important to them.  They want the right to control the
end of life as a means to reinforce and sanctify their own inner
beliefs. They also know that the Schiavo case is going to set a
memorable public precedent.  If they could force the death of Terri
despite the pro-life forces arrayed against them, they would establish
their right to command death for the innocent.  If they have the right
to kill when their reason adjudges it necessary, they have established
their coequality with the Creator.

Thanks to David Limbaugh for the link.

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