One reason I believe Christianity is true is that it offers by far the most clear and comprehensive answers to life’s biggest questions. It doesn’t ignore difficult issues or try to explain them away. Instead it tackles them head on.

For example here is a fact of life that can only be adequately explained within the Christian worldview: evil exists – people do things we know are objectively wrong. Any quick, unbiased look at the news verifies this fact. The question is, how do you explain it? If there is no God, you simply can’t. Without an objective basis for morality, there is no such thing as evil. If there is no God, there is no way to condemn terrorists. They are only doing what they do, just like everyone else – who are we to judge? As such, atheism faces a serious philosophical problem in evil. In the same way, most other worldviews cannot adequately account for the fact of evil. Many simply ignore it or call it an illusion. Christianity, though, has an answer. Much of that answer revolves around the person of Satan, a fallen angel whose pride got him kicked out of the precense of God. As this article points out, the classic Christian understanding of personified evil is making sense to a lot more people lately.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries