The Don Johnson Show 11-13-15

Segment 1: Don answers a couple of listener emails about hell. Is it really fair that one would spend eternity in hell for a few short years of sin on earth, and isn’t it coercive of God to threaten people with hell if they refuse to have a relationship with him?

Segment 2: Don talks to former atheist and cold case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace about how the evidence led him to Jesus. They also talk about Jim’s books Cold Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene.

Segment 3: An interview with Catholic Answers senior apologist Jimmy Akin about his new book The Drama of Salvation. Don and Jimmy discuss questions such as What does it mean to be saved? Is it a one-time event or a process? How far apart are Protestants and Catholics in this area?

Segment 4: Another listener email, this time asking the question: “Why didn’t God do more to stop slavery in the Old Testament?”

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