When asked to comment on Rod Parsley’s assertion that Islam was a "false religion"  Episcopal Bishop of Washington John Bryson Chane offered this bit of nonsense: "If Islam is a "false religion" then so too must Christianity and Judaism."

The only logical way that statement could be true is if the doctrines of Christianity, Islam and Judaism were exactly the same. Let’s take a cursory glance at some of the central tenets of these faiths.

Christianity teaches that Jesus was God. Islam and Judaism deny that.

Islam teaches that Mohamed was a prophet. Judaism and Christianity deny that.

So it’s not even close. Perhaps the funniest aspect of Chane’s little article is his condescension: "Pastor Parsley unfortunately demonstrates a level of ignorance that is both dangerous and divisive…what reputable theological [institution I assume, there seems to be a missing word in the original] did this uniformed Christian pastor graduate from?" I might ask the same of Bishop Chane. Apparently elementary comparative theology and logic classes were not required. 

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries