Doctors are openly killing infants in the Netherlands and , as Hugh Hewitt points out, nobody in the media seems to care. That is probably because, as I have said before, euthanizing the weakest among us is just the pro-abort ethic taken to its logical end.

Either there is a God and all human life is inherently valuable because it is created in His image (a sanctity of life ethic) or there is no God and human life is only accorded value as it meets the shifting, arbitrary standards of the powerful (a quality of life ethic.)

Of course, shifting, arbitrary standards are no standards at all. If there is no God, there is no standard of right and wrong, and anything is permissible. ( I would attribute that famous maxim to Dostoevsky, but according to this site, he didn’t actually write it. Whatever – it’s still true)

The Netherlands is farther down the road of living as if there is no God than America, but we are not far behind. Peter Singer is considered by many to be America’s most influential philosopher and he advocates exactly the position taken by the Netherlands. (For a good story on Singer, click here.)

First they came for the preborn babies, then the sick infants, then the elderly, then the poor, the unwanted, the depressed, the unruly…..

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