The fact that the two biggest hot buttons in the culture are homosexuality and abortion shows that t our biggest issue is really sex. Homosexuality and abortion are about not much more than than desire to have sex whenever, however and with whomever one wants. (Except for the fact that it is one more contraceptive that enables "consequence-free" promiscuity, does anyone really believe "abortion rights" would be held to with such passion?)

Unfortunately, that passion for sexual license has  led a whole generation int an abyss. Because they have refused to treat sex as it was intended by the Creator, they have brought upon themselves a whole host of dire consequences. At least a few people understand this: J. Budziszewski begins an excellent article about the purpose of sex in this month’s Touchstone with this:

Midnight. Shelly is getting herself drunk so that she can bring herself to
  go home with the strange man seated next to her at the bar. One o’clock. Steven
  is busy downloading pornographic images of children from Internet bulletin
  boards. Two o’clock. Marjorie, who used to spend every Friday
  night in bed with a different man, has been binging and purging since eleven. Three
Pablo stares through the darkness at the ceiling, wondering
  how to convince his girlfriend to have an abortion. Four o’clock. After
  partying all night, Jesse takes another man home, not mentioning that he tests
  positive for an incurable STD. Five o’clock. Lisa is in the
  bathroom, cutting herself delicately with a razor. This isn’t what my
  generation expected when it invented the sexual revolution. The game isn’t
  fun anymore. Even some of the diehard proponents of that enslaving liberation
have begun to show signs of fatigue and confusion.

And this is 21 year old Ben Shapiro begins his latest book Porn Generation:

I am the member of a lost generation. We have lost our values. We have lost our faith. We have lost ourselves.

As societal standards and traditional values have declined, and the crassest elements of sexual deviancy and pornography have taken over the public square, it is the youngest Americans who have paid the price. Never in our country’s history has a generation been so empowered, so wealthy, so privileged – and yet so empty.

The fatigue, confusion and lostness that these authors describe is an epidemic that can be traced directly back to our rejection of God and his design for humanity (Romans 1). May more and more of us see the light.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries