The Don Johnson Show, 3-9-06

  • I write often on my blog about how I think Mormonism is a religion that offers no good reasons to support its truth claims. Most recently I noted an example of this: recent DNA findings that suggested some historical inaccuracies in the Book of Mormon have been deemed largely irrelevant within Mormon Church circles. Alma Allred commented on that post, disagreeing with my assessment. I contacted him and he agreed to chat with me about this topic on my radio show. Mr. Allred is a university administrator at the University of Utah and an LDS Historian. He teaches LDS Church History at the LDS Institute of Religion located near the University of Utah. He is a published author and has provided book reviews for the Mormon History Association and the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies. Most recently, he was one of the essayists in a book published by the University of Illinois Press, “Black and Mormon” edited by Newell Bringhurst and Darron Smith. (2004)
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