Tsunami relief agencies are being closely monitored in order to make sure they are not trying to proselytize the local Muslim population. I have to wonder what Muslims (an admittedly they are not the only religious group that frowns on evangelism from outsiders – the Southern Baptists got in trouble for targeting Jews, for example) are so afraid of when it comes to letting people who believe different than they do have a say.

If what Muslims believe is true, it should hold up quite nicely in the marketplace of ideas, should it not? An if it is false, I would think they would want to know that. Who wants to go through life believing a lie? Come to think of it, I could say the same thing about militant Darwinists who want to ban discussing intelligent design theory in the classroom. (see previous post) If Darwinsism is true, what is the problem? Everyone should be able to see that the evidence supports your position, right? The evidence does support it, doesn’t it? Hardly.

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