In the latest on the Westminster School Board controversy (see previous post), the government is threatening to simply take over the district from the elected school board. Sate Senator Joe Dunn said, in advocating the takeover, “I am not interested in [the trustee’s] moral beliefs.” He went on to say that the officials could have their little discussion somewhere other than than at the board meetings: “they can go ahead and have their moral debate, but they are not going to have it at the expense of the kids.”

Nice. This is exactly what I have been talking about. Somehow Dunn thinks that “morality” and “beliefs” have no place in school business. What exactly does he think he basis his decisions on? He doesn’t have any beliefs or basis for morality? Of course he does. What he should have said was this:

“I think the worldview of the three board members from Westminster is false. The God they believe in does not exist and therefore the morality that derives from that belief is ridiculous. However, the worldview (religion) of the state (practical atheism) is true and therefore shall prevail (by annexation, if necessary) if there is ever a conflict between the two.”

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