I think one of the reasons for the overwhelming rejection of gay marriage on Tuesday is that people is that most people don’t buy the gay movement’s argument that homosexuality is a civil rights issue. For years they have been trying to convince the country that being gay is the same as being Black or Hispanic. From today’s LA Times, for example

Gay activist Jasmyne Cannick, the spokeswoman for the National Black Justice Coalition, didn’t sleep on election night. Instead she and her colleagues cried to one another over the phone. After a year on the road spent lecturing black congregations on tolerance for gay marriage, Cannick was exhausted and overwhelmed by the defeat. "You always would like to think that people are more fair-minded, especially African Americans," says Cannick, who is black and gay. She wondered how blacks "who have been discriminated against for a long time dare even put that same sort of hatred on another group of people."

What she doesn’t understand is that most blacks realize that being gay isn’t the same as being black. Your skin color is a physical characteristic. Homosexuality is a desire. Not the same.

"But we are born gay," they say – "we didn’t have a choice – therefore it is the same as being born black." Nope. Even if you are born with a tendency to desire certain things, it doesn’t make those desires right. I think most people are born with a tendency to desire sexual relationships with someone other than their spouse, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s called lust, and if carried through to physical consummation, its called adultery. Both of these are sin. That is what the homosexual movement needs to understand. Trying to focus the debate on things like whether or not we are born with it misses the point. This is a desire issue and a sin issue. Let’s focus on that.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries