I got a kick out of this weeks People Magazine cover story on faith in Hollywood. By chronically the religious practices of several stars, the writers tried to make the point that even in supposedly pagan Tinseltown there is plenty of spirituality. Well, that may be, but there isn’t a lot of truth seeking. Most of the celebrities interviewed were involved in whatever fad they happened to be in not becasue they thought it true, but becasue it “did someting for them.” Madonna, for instance, has gone from Catholicism to Hindusim through yoga and is now into Kabbalah. Of course, shopping around for a faith that “works” is not limited to Hollywood – that is how most of the country approaches it as well, unforunately.

By the way, the quotes in this piece are gems, from the boldly blasphemous studio exec: “The primary religion practiced in Hollywood is money We do not hesitate to wroship false idols. If religion sells, we’re going to do it.” to the hilarious John Travolta, in response to a charge from former members that Scientology (one of the nuttiest cults around) is a mind-controlling cult: “Give us a break. Being the bold personalities we are, do you honestly think we’d let ourselves be controlled?”

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries