Another evidence that Americans of all religious varieties don’t think straight about their faith. In her new book, self proclaimed “Muslim Cowgirl Feminist” Asma Gull Hasan claims that one of her major missions in life is to explain to people that terrorist Muslims don’t represent “true Islam.” OK – I have no probelm with that. However, this is what Hasan represents as “true”:

“The message that young American Muslims should take away is that Islam is between you and God,… You have to take control of your own Islam.”

So its the same old thing – make your religion what you want to make it. But on what basis are we to judge the terrorists, then? Aren’t they taking control of their own Islam? Aren’t they following through on their relationship with God in their own way? Aren’t their actions just between them and God in the same way yours are?

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries