A lot of huffing and puffing lately about President Bush’s faith. Many are concerned that our Commander in Chief might actually apply his beliefs about God and the universe to his everyday decisions. My question is, what else is he supposed to do? In fact, what else is anyone supposed to do? Whether you are a gardener or the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth, you have to make decisions based on what you think is true about the world. To separate your worldview from your decision making process would be ludicrous. The columnists slamming the president sure don’t.

The real issue for these writers is not that the president applies his worldview to his office, it’s that he has the wrong wordview. They wish he would act like an atheist. Now I am not here to defend the specifics of the Presidents theology – some of it seems a little off kilter – but I will certainly defend his propensity to act on what he believes to be true. That is what we should all do.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries