Got a great comment on my “Legislating Morality” post below and wanted to clarify a couple of things.

First, I don’t assume that God exists or that Christianity is true. I think there are many very good reasons for believing these things and I present a few of those on my Take the Narrow Road site. I apologize for not providing a link earlier (The site is in the midst of a renovation.)

Secondly, I am not at all arguing for government to legislate morality. In fact, I want just the opposite. I oppose government intervention in my life or anyone else’s. I don’t think we should outlaw homosexuality, gay marriage or Howard Stern. The more free speech the better, in my books (after all, what happens when my opinions become “hate speech” or “obscene”?) No, all I was saying is that without an objective moral standard (God), all we have left is arbitrary legislation. I would rather we were all left with the freedom to conform our lives to God’s will and certainly we need the freedom to debate what that will is.

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