The creation / evolution war is heating up this week, as battles in Georgia and Pennsylvania over what to teach kids made the headlines. As usual, it is reported by the media to be a fight between religion and science. It is no such thing, but when you have religious studies professors giving quotes about creationists like this, one can understand why are confused:

"A lot of the
Lutherans have lived there for generations, primarily rural and blue
collar, a very stable population that goes back to the 18th century,
and it’s a conservative group," says Annabelle Wenzke, a religious
studies professor at nearby York College. "They think religion deals
with facts and the here and now."

They believe religion deals with facts and the hear and now because IT DOES, Professor Wenzke. You may think religion is the opiate of the simple minded, but it is you who are mistaken, not them. Religion is about explaining the facts of the universe and one should follow the evidence to the best explanation of the universe one can find. Ironically, it takes far more reality denying faith to believe in the religion of the Darwinists – that matter is all there is and that it popped into existence from nothing and has been evolving ever since – than it does to believe in a Creator God. This is a not a battle between science and religion, it is a battle between philosophical naturalism and theism. Science is just a tool to gather and examine the evidence and all the good science supports theism.

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