DJ Show Logo copy The Don Johnson Show, 7-17-07

Don and Brandon interview personal success coach Kathleen Graham, founder and president of Success In U. Kathleen teaches people how to  appropriate the teachings of The Secret using techniques explained in her written guide, The Law of Attraction Toolkit.

Kathleen graciously explains her beliefs and candidly answers some questions from Don and Brandon regarding some of the more troubling worldview teachings of The Secret, such as:

  • Victims of genocide are guilty, at some level, of bringing it upon themselves.
  • There is no objective right and wrong in the universe, so Hitler cannot be morally condemned. We can only point out that the Allies knew how to harness the power of The Secret better than he did.

They also discuss the compatibly of the teachings of The Secret with those of Jesus (Don and Brandon see them as antithetical, Kathleen doesn’t) and talk about about whether or not the worldview of The Secret is self-refuting and incoherent. It turns out to be a very interesting conversation.


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