Just as I was feeling sick from the decapitation story, I read an update on the partial birth abortion trials from Chuck Colson. The truth, he says, is coming to light. From the New York case:

Under intense questioning by the judge and the government’s attorneys, the abortion doctors described the partial-birth procedure in detail. At one point, a doctor told the judge that the fetal skull is crushed by forceps that are “like an end of tongs you use to pick up a salad.” Judge Casey said, “Except in this case you are not picking up a salad; you are crushing a baby’s skull.” He then asked whether the baby’s hands or feet were moving during the abortion. The doctor answered that the feet were moving until the skull was crushed.

I heard the Iraqi killers called “sub-human” today. Unfortunately, I think the truth is that they were all too human. Acts just like theirs happen in our cities everyday, as the evil in a human heart knows no bounds. Come quickly, Lord.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries