I’ve been blogging a bit less lately and that will continue at least over the long weekend as I try to catch up on some other things in my life. The fact that there might be more to life than blogging is a tough pill to swallow, but I am trying.

I did find time to catch some of the American Idol finale last night. I thought Fantaisa was a good choice but the most interesting part of the night for me occurred when Simon Cowell was asked what the winner would receive as a reward. He said something to the effect of “Everything she has ever wanted – money, fame, money, celebrity, and more money” I’m paraphrasing a bit, but you get the idea.

My only thought at that point was “How sad.” Assuming Simon is right, and the singers are in the contest only for fame and fortune (and it may not be – Cowell’s comments may be saying more about himself than the finalists), one of these hard working kids is finally going to realize their dream, and they are going to find it utterly unfulfilling.

These types of dreams are unfulfilling becasue they are too small. Humans were not made to be satisfied by material and temporal things. We are eternal, spiritual creatures, made for union with God. Until we get restoration of that relationship, all other pursuits are a waste of time.

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