I couldn’t agree more with Chuck Colson today:

With the presidential election finally over and with the re-election of
President Bush, some are thinking, “Hallelujah! We have a president who’s going
to promote a godly moral agenda. All is well because we’ve won.”
If that’s what you’re thinking, it’s time for a serious reality check. The
kingdom of God will not arrive on Air Force One no matter how good the
president’s character or great his ability. Don’t get me wrong: Elections are
important; the law is a moral teacher. But all the laws and political victories
will not help us if we lose the culture. Our job is the same no matter who is in
office: that is, to make serious disciples and to bring Christian truth to bear
in all of life.

For more good thoughts, check out Colson’s classic Kingdoms in Conlfict in my book list.

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