I’ve had the privilege of sitting in with Cy Kellet a couple of times recently on his Immaculate Heart Radio show:

March 2


  • Guest: Don Johnson, producer of the movie “Convinced”. Cy and Don discuss Super Tuesday, and the Trump phenomenon.
  • Caller: I think Trump is a spoiler just as Ross Perot was; he’ll deliver the presidency to Hillary Clinton.
  • Caller: I disagree, Cy; why is Trump any less pro-life than Jeb Bush? Cy and Don discuss the real issues.
  • Buying a lie: The secular world’s false hope of happiness through fame, fortune, money and power.

March 15


  • Guest/Co-Host: Don Johnson. Cy and Don discuss the problem of poverty. Will we always have the poor? The Catholic response to poverty.
  • Can we impose our morality upon another culture? Is there an objective moral standard. Is the “uncivilized” world more civilized than the modern one?
  • The Passion of Christ, and moviemaker Mel Gibson.
  • Caller: I’m an atheist; I’d like to propose a materialistic system of morality.
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