Hour 1

Don Johnson hosts Patrick Madrid Show, 3-7-16 Hour 1

  • Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passes; Norman Lear gives a scathing commentary on our country’s political climate.
  • Peyton Manning retires. His secret? Preparation and attention to detail.
  • Should we keep our Faith to ourselves? Actress Jennifer Garner talks about taking her kids to church, and having faith in Hollywood.
  • Jennifer Garner’s faith, continued. From atheism to Catholicism – stages of conversion.

Hour 2

Don Johnson hosts Patrick Madrid Show, 3-7-16, Hour 2

  • Canada falls hard for euthanasia and “death-on-demand”. No conscience exemptions for medical workers allowed.
  • Is Donald Trump our first “post-truth” candidate? A flip-flop on a flip-flop.
  • Neitzche: “If God is dead, what is left?” Power, and the “ubermensche”.
  • Who is Donald Trump? The meltdown of culture.

Hour 3

Don Johnson hosts Patrick Madrid Show, 3-7-16, Hour 3

  • Chick-fil-a’s ice cream challenge: Stay off your cell phone.
  • Are we an image-based, feelings-based culture now? The loss of reason and analysis. Could talk radio be our last, best hope for civilization?
  • Don clarifies: Criticism of Trump does not equal support for Hillary Clinton. Interest in space travel increases: Have we lost our love of exploration?
  • Caller: I think that we should make more movies about hell; it would lead to conversions. Does culture drive media, or vice-versa?
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