I suggested on last Saturday’s radio show that Islam gets the "kid-glove" treatment around the world. People seem intent on giving Islam unfair and hypocritical favorable treatment within the marketplace of ideas. Today Chuck Colson presents another example of this in the Netherlands’ evolution fight  and suggests a reason for it:

can’t be doubted is that no other group in society would be
entitled to such an “allowance” as she made for Muslims. If
the controversy had been limited to Christian objections to evolution,
the controversy would have been over long ago. Muslim objections to
evolution, however, on the grounds of the Koran warrant serious

Why? Because, as Canadian writer Kathy Shaidle
says, “Christians don’t do fatwas,” that is,
declarations of Islamic law. For all the glib comparisons of Christians
to Muslims, we seek to persuade, not to intimidate. Our replies to
provocations are just that, replies. That means that our
“deep-seated” convictions are sometimes ignored, while
Muslims’ are not. And that’s a reflection of the double
standard in the Netherlands, not unlike the one we have here.

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