Gay Marriage, Money and Politics

The Don Johnson Show, 10-23-08 Don and Brandon discuss California’s Proposition 8, the world financial crisis, and why it is unwise to put your faith in money or politics.

Confusion Abounds

David Limbaugh assesses the weak theological and moral musings of George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Whoopi Golberg in this good article.

The Idiocy of Judgment Free Spirituality and More

The Don Johnson Show, 6-4-05 Howard Dean claims to be a “Christian” but then denies that that label means anything that can be objectively characterized (judged). We show how ridiculous this approach to religion is. Judith Christ and the “Make up...


James L. Evans makes some excellent points in this article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. There is a long registration process to view it so I’ve pasted the whole thing here: In his new book, "So Help Me God," former Alabama Supreme Court Chief...
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