Should We Listen to Our Conscience?

The Don Johnson Show, 2-16-09 Don and Brandon address listener emails regarding the two previous shows as well as a question about whether or not they actually believe that we should listen to our conscience. Listener Tomer suggests that they hold to a double standard...

Is Life Fatalistic?

The Don Johnson Show, 2-9-09 Don and Brandon continue a discussion Brandon started on the last show. They talk about whether or not life is fatalistic and some of the practical consequences of believing that it is.

Does God Have a Purpose for Everything that Happens?

The Don Johnson Show, 1-26-09 Brandon discusses whether it is right to say that God has a purpose for everything that happens. He argues that it is not and gives some strong biblical evidence in support of his position.

Theology and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Don Johnson Show, 1-19-09 Don and Brandon discuss whether it is possible to separate theology from social action, as Leora Tananbaum seems to desire. The conversation also includes references to an article about Martin Luther King Jr. by Diane Cameron, a survey of...
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