Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Here is an informative and well written post from Robert Kunda in response to a potential “Gay Awakening” in the church.

More Fascist Tendencies and Irrational Atheist Bus Advertising

The Don Johnson Show, 11-13-08 The intolerant, hateful bigots who opposed Proposition 8. Pondering the rights of plants in Switzerland. Atheist advertising in London and Washington D.C. is supposed to cause people to think. Brandon and Don take a shot at it. We...

Gay Marriage, Money and Politics

The Don Johnson Show, 10-23-08 Don and Brandon discuss California’s Proposition 8, the world financial crisis, and why it is unwise to put your faith in money or politics.


Two good columns to check out today: Dennis Prager on the term "Islamophobia" and Mark Early on choosing a surgeon general.


In the previous post, I pointed out a few flaws with Christopher Hitchens’ argument against religion. Now I would like to mention a flaw in his Christian theology. He made the claim that the Bible encourages people to hate homosexuals. It would be easy just to...
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