Abortion is un-American, says George Neumayr, in a great American Spectator column:

President Bush, in his
remarks to the March for Life attendees (piped in via phone from Camp
David), used a word rarely heard these days: civilization. The proof of
civilization, he said, is whether the strong protect the weak. By that
standard, many democracies don’t qualify as civilizations, including
our own if it betrays the principles of America’s founding.

democratically elected savages like Adolf Hitler illustrate, democracy
is not an automatic guarantor of civilization. Separated from moral
truth contained in a rule of law, democracies can be as tyrannical as
the most rapacious undemocratic governments.

America should
only be on the side of "democracy" if it produces civilization;
otherwise the tyranny America seeks to end will spread through the very
rhetoric of democracy it uses, should the bin Ladens and Hitlers be
democratically elected to power. The Founding Fathers, it is worth
remembering, didn’t call King George III a tyrant because he was a
monarch; they called him a tyrant because he violated basic human
rights. They knew democracy could devour itself through its own
tyrannies unless it was subject to a truth higher than democracy itself.

A nation that kills its own children is a democracy without civilization and a people without a future — literally.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries