Found this great story on Drudge:

The Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, launched a fierce assault on his own Church yesterday, accusing it of abandoning the mysterious for the banal and indulging in ineffective debate. …

He said that the “makeover/ Changing Rooms/Pop Idol culture” exposed the superficiality of a society that “increasingly and paradoxically seems to be yearning for the things of the spirit – a yearning that apparently the Churches are failing to satisfy”.

Dr Hope said worship had to be accessible, but also had to convey a sense of the awesome.

“The temptation, indeed the reality, I experience in quite a number of churches is simply to ape the passing styles of the times,” he told the students.

“Worship as entertainment; worship as distraction quite other than what it truly is or should be, namely the giving of worth to God.

Coundn’t have said it better myself. The bishop nails a problem that is plaguing not only his church, but almost every form of Christianity.

Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries