The Problem of Evil

On Bill Nye the Science Guy’s attitude towards philosophy, the L.A. Times reporter who left Christianity over the problem of evil, and 4 daily habits that will help keep your faith alive.

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On Hell and How to Avoid It

The Don Johnson Show 11-13-15 Segment 1: Don answers a couple of listener emails about hell. Is it really fair that one would spend eternity in hell for a few short years of sin on earth, and isn't it coercive of God to threaten people with hell if they refuse to have... read more

How Being an Evangelist Helped Lead Me to Catholicism

I was recently asked by my pastor to say a few words about my conversion at Mass. Here is what I shared: It is a great privilege to be here today, and certainly not something I would have imagined just a few short years ago. Thank you for letting me share briefly... read more

Almost Here

At long last, the end is in sight! Convinced is nearing the end of post production and we will have an official release date by mid-July. Stay... read more

Too Cool to Be Christian

The Don Johnson Show 10-17-14 Don and Brandon break down a segment from Orange is the New Black and answer listener email about Don's conversion to Catholicism, among other topics. Links to go with the show: Smarter than Thou by Charles C.W. Cooke From Pro-Choice to... read more

How Not to Talk to an Atheist

June 20, 2014 Don and Brandon break down Ralph Reed's interview on Real Time with Bill Maher. Some links to go with the show: Bill Maher vs. Ralph Reed by Fr. Robert Barron The Case for Soft Atheism by Gary Gutting The Danger of Soft Atheism by Fr. Robert... read more

7 Reasons I Enjoyed God’s Not Dead

  I took my very-soon-to-be-teenage daughter to God’s Not Dead last night. Is it a perfect film? Of course not. (Calvin Moore has a good take on some of the movie’s weaknesses here.) But the bottom line is that I’m glad we went. It was a good reminder of some... read more

Lee Strobel on Evangelism and Apologetics

Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with Lee Strobel to talk about evangelism and apologetics. Donald Johnson: Thanks very much for joining me, Lee. So we are meeting right now at an apologetics conference where you are the keynote speaker.  I’m sure that’s... read more

Five Ways We Try to Deal with the Problem of Longing

“Underneath everything in your life there is that thing, that empty — forever empty. You know what I'm talking about?” - Louis C.K. to Conan O'Brien Considering that over 5 million people have viewed this interview on YouTube, I think the answer is clearly, "Yes!" We... read more