Truth and Religion

College Education and the Rise of the Village Atheist

The Don Johnson Show, 4-11-11 "New atheists" such as Daniel Dennett and Christopher Hitchens like to portray themselves as academically and intellectually superior to Christians. Does this claim stand up to scrutiny? Don and Brandon talk about that in reference last... read more

Liam Neeson on Aslan and the Apostle Paul on Election

The Don Johnson Show, 12-6-10 Liam Neeson thinks Aslan stands for Mohammed, Buddha, and "other great spiritual leaders" as well as Jesus. Does Romans 9 support the view that God predestines some for salvation and others for damnation? Don offers an interpretation, and... read more

The Problem with being “Spritual but not Religious”

The Don Johnson Show, 5-3-10 Don and Brandon analyze the popular notion that we should be "spiritual but not religious" and suggest some problems with it. They also discuss how the God of the Bible uses "religion" to bring people into loving relationship with him.... read more

How Not to Think About Religion

The Don Johnson Show, 3-8-10 A Christian asks Christopher Hitchens a silly question. Mosab Hassan Yousef understands the difference between Islam and Christianity much more clearly than Brad Hirschfield does. Susan K. Smith proselytizes for a religion that claims we... read more

This is Your Mind on New Age Mysticism

I realize that I may be the only that finds the self-refuting nonsense of new-age inspirational writers hilarious, but this heading to a Living Life Fully Daily Meditation made me laugh out loud:Today's Quotation: A cup is useful only when it is empty; and a mind... read more

Bigots, Pro-Christian Atheists and More

The Don Johnson Show, 1-8-09 Christopher Hitchens thinks Christians are bigots for believing some people go to hell. Heather Mac Donald doesn't think they are, because they must not really believe that whole hell thing. ABC News doesn't know the difference between a... read more

Irrational Mormons and Neural Buddhists

The Don Johnson Show 6-5-08 Don and Brandon respond to a Mormon listener who argues that it is wrong to demand rationality and reasonableness from religion. Sharon Stone blamed the Chinese earthquakes on karma. Why are people so upset? David Brooks thinks the evidence... read more

Shopping for Religion is the Wrong Approach

I submitted the following article to a local paper as part of a book promotion and speaking trip to Canada this past weekend. I don't think they printed the article, but I did get an interesting interview which resulted in a short story that ran today. When I first... read more

Silliness from an Episcopal Bishop

When asked to comment on Rod Parsley's assertion that Islam was a "false religion"  Episcopal Bishop of Washington John Bryson Chane offered this bit of nonsense: "If Islam is a "false religion" then so too must Christianity and... read more

Religion and Ignorance, Virtue and Freedom

The Don Johnson Show, 3-13-08 Is American ignorance and anti-intellectualism due to religion, as Susan Jacoby argues, or is it actually due to a rejection of God, as Don and Brandon argue. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom offers an example of irrationality. Recycle or... read more

Of Course Christians Want Everyone to Convert

Jewish talk show host Dennis Prager does a great job of answering the charge that  Ann Coulter's desire to see Jews converted to Christianity is anti-Semitic. Coulter may not be the world's most sophisticated, accurate, or articulate theologian (Christianity is... read more

Confusion Abounds

David Limbaugh assesses the weak theological and moral musings of George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Whoopi Golberg in this good article. read more

The Real Issue is Truth

This weeks question at the On Faith website is "What is the difference between a religion and a cult? What constitutes a real religion?" Chuck Colson absolutely nails the answer by pointing out that the real issue is truth.Read his entire response... read more

What is Wrong with Saying “Hinduism is False?”

Interesting story from Britain: A Hindu organization in Britain is planning to challenge the ban on yoga classes by two churches on the grounds that it breaches the country's Equality Act 2006. Last week, priests at the Silver Street Baptist Church and St James'... read more

Faith, Evidence, Rewards and Ala

The Don Johnson Show, 9-13-07 Don discusses some misconceptions about he Christian definition of faith and talks with a couple of callers, including Ala, who is convinced that two people can believe contradictory propositions about the nature of reality and both be... read more